Margaret Tudor 1489-1541 The Conflicted

Margaret Tudor 1489-1541 The Conflicted

Margaret was the formidable eldest daughter of Henry VII. She was crowned queen and wife of the Scottish king, James IV. The purpose of this marriage was to create peace between the two countries. She gave birth to the future king James V.
Peace was not to be and Margaret found herself torn between the two countries and their shifting alliances with France. Her husband was killed by the English at Flodden as a result of this conflict. She went on to marry two more times, mixing exile, coup d’etats, regencies, politics, intrigues and divorces into her nimble dance to survive.
Margaret’s legacy can be seen in the ascendancy of her great grandson James I who succeeded Elizabeth I, establishing the Stuart dynasty.

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I am an artist with a fascination with history. Not battles per se, but the culture and personalities that shape history. Gossip is good too.
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