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I am an artist with a fascination with history. Not battles per se, but the culture and personalities that shape history. Gossip is good too.

The Scream

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Day and Night

This is a lenticular piece( one image morphs into another depending on the angle that the viewer is looking at the piece) called Day and Night. The original painting is by Ingres in 1806. It is a portrait of Mlle … Continue reading

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The Argenti Convex Mirror

My new convex mirror inspired by the Medici treasures at the Argenti Museum in Florence.  Each jewel is hand cast by me and mounted in a fluted setting.  Its 18 inches across. #markevansfineartargentimirror #markevansfineartconvexmirror

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The Pourbus Ruff

This is one of my new pieces that I call “The Pourbus Ruff”. It is an exploration of vanity, one of the seven deadly sins. The frame is related to the Argenti frame I have already posted. ‪#‎markevansfineart‬ ‪#‎markevanspourbusruff‬ ‪#‎markevansargenti‬

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A continuation of part of my Bourbon Dynasty lenticular series. This is Marie Mancini, the first love of Louis XIV. She was the niece of Cardinal Mazarin, the true ruler of France at the time. Unfortunately Marie was inappropriate for the wife of a king. Only a woman of royal blood would do. So Marie was packed off to Italy and the scene of their parting was heartbreaking. #Markevansfineartbourbon #markevansfineartlenticular #markevansmariemancini

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Louis XV, part of my new #lenticular series of the #Bourbon Dynasty. There are 42 in all from Henry IV to Louis-Philippe. Quite a cast of characters.

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Contact Me

You can reach me at my email address:

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Why I do what I do

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Babel is part of my resin box series.  Its a very deep box incorporating one of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt’s “character head” busts.  I sliced the bust in half and gilded it with silver.  The box is mirrored and the sun … Continue reading

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Mona Lisa

This is a digital print on canvas of my take on Leonardo’ Mona Lisa.  Mona is a part of the series I am doing based on iconic, world famous paintings, of which the Mona Lisa is probably the most renown. … Continue reading

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